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Original or Limited Edition Bronze

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    Casey Tibbs Riding Tornado (1997 Roedo Sponser).jpg (45378 bytes) Praise to You Almighty Father by Rocco (7 of 10).jpg (21811 bytes)  


Bronze Reproductions or In The Style Of

Cheyenne by Frederic Remington .jpg (60920 bytes)

End of the Trail by J. Fraser.jpg (48149 bytes) Bronco Twister by MC Russel.jpg (48901 bytes) Bronze Lamp with Boy with birds on Base by A. Moreau.jpg (36505 bytes) Nudes on Pedestal by Houdon  set of two.jpg (63348 bytes) Mermaid Fountain by A. Moreau.jpg (41001 bytes)


The Presidents by South Dakota Artists

Bronze Frogs


Wicker's  Jackson by John Green 1980 Original Oil.jpg (58909 bytes) Wicker's Jackson by John Green 1980 Original Oil.jpg (63732 bytes) Original Watercolor by BJ Stych 1995.jpg (41943 bytes) Aboriginy art (Australia 1996).jpg (46659 bytes) Flowers by Shirley Odagaard 1985.jpg (81359 bytes) Trees & Lake by Shirley Odagaard 1981.jpg (46803 bytes) Trees by Shirley Odagaard 1985.jpg (42044 bytes)     

Canvas Giclee




Prairie Thunder by John Moisan (87 of 120 Artist Proof).jpg (71023 bytes) Retrieving Memories by John Green 1995 (364 of700).jpg (45636 bytes) Stranger by Mark Anderson (120 of 400).jpg (50439 bytes) Victorican Houses by Debbie Patrick 5-6-2000 .jpg (53367 bytes) Victorican Houses 3-D by Debbie Patrick (1312 of 1750 ).jpg (41535 bytes) HeartLand Reflections by Jon Crane 1992(734 of 1950).jpg (31811 bytes) Peace in the Valley by Jon Crane 1991 (1218 of 2500).jpg (38133 bytes) Squal Line by John Green 1985 (2 of 32 Artist Proof).jpg (39769 bytes) The Governor's Geese by John Moisan 1983 (747 of 750).jpg (44598 bytes) Christine's World by A. Wyeth.jpg (35570 bytes) Dances with Wolves signed by Kevin Kostner The Chase 1991 by Tom Phillips.jpg (36986 bytes) HeartLand Series by Jon Crane 1994.jpg (47499 bytes) A Captital Mroning by Volenteer of the Year 2000 .jpg (45871 bytes) Boat in Lake.jpg (30692 bytes) 


Glass Sailboat by Dino Rosin.jpg (53302 bytes) Glass Twins by Dino Rosin .jpg (54775 bytes) Stained glass by Annette Hinker.jpg (45404 bytes) Stained Glass   Corn, Duck, & Sun by Leroy Foster 1978.jpg (58949 bytes) Ballon stain glass by unkown.jpg (63602 bytes) 

Glass Paperweights

Glass Eye Studio





Other Paperweights


Porcelain Dolls

Hilda by Charlene Foster.jpg (38306 bytes) by Charlene Foster  April's dress.jpg (33584 bytes) James by Charlene Foster.jpg (33744 bytes) Little John by Charlene Foster David's Clothes.jpg (39997 bytes) Rebecca by Charlene Foster.jpg (38561 bytes) Sleeping Baby by Charlene Foster.jpg (32916 bytes) Dolls from Japan.jpg (66368 bytes) Angel.jpg (36243 bytes) 


  Horses by Lee Leuing.jpg (34065 bytes) Plaster Cowboy.jpg (38717 bytes) Five Dalphins by San Pacific Inter. .jpg (54786 bytes) Stuffed Geese by Wicker Bill .jpg (46614 bytes)