Exchange Students


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1991-92 &93       Hanako Hamai from Tokyo, Japan

Hanako Senior picture.jpg (67078 bytes) Hanako 21st birthday.jpg (39074 bytes) Hanako 21st birthday and family.jpg (68280 bytes) Concrete for flagpole.jpg (88423 bytes) Family Picture.jpg (37699 bytes) Hanako Family before 1990.jpg (116666 bytes) March 93 at Smithsonian Institute.jpg (61129 bytes) Ready for the White House.jpg (70781 bytes) Capitol Journal Jan, 17, 1992.jpg (293218 bytes) 

1995-96             Heiko Schuster from Berlin Germany

Family at Sea World March 96.jpg (58013 bytes)  Disneyland Chip, Heiko, Mechella March 96.jpg (48400 bytes) Mickey Mouse & Michella, Heiko, David.jpg (27356 bytes) Heiko & Michella.jpg (23734 bytes) Heiko & Tandy Dietrich Prom 1996.JPG (63126 bytes) Heiko and sister Stephanie.jpg (68518 bytes) Jurgen and Gerhild Schuster and dog Daisy.jpg (59369 bytes) Heiko birthday.jpg (28220 bytes) 

1995-96            Michella Dreyer from Copenhagen,  Denmark

MichellaKim.jpg (40224 bytes) MichellaKim1.jpg (38749 bytes) Hard Rock Cafe March 96.jpg (35568 bytes) Epcot Michella & Charlene.jpg (15072 bytes) Heiko & Michella Band Uniforms.jpg (32075 bytes) Michella & Stpehen Prom 1996.jpg (17650 bytes) Michella & Heiko before Prom 1996.jpg (36128 bytes) Anne and Michella Dreyer.jpg (90477 bytes) Michella's parents, Anne and Poul.jpg (77829 bytes) 


1997-98              Veronica Eng from Skipvet, Norway

Veronica Senior picture.jpg (31679 bytes) Veronica and family.jpg (95593 bytes) Veronica ready for beach  Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (20347 bytes) Veronica and the Foster's  Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (30267 bytes) Veronica's  Hawaiian boyfriend    Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (14819 bytes) 

Hard Rock Cafe Maui  Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (29401 bytes) Veronica on Pride of Maui  Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (48619 bytes) Veronica at Bubba Gumps Hawaii Jan 98.jpg (40949 bytes) Veronica thinks she can teach me to dance  Senior party May 98.jpg (31216 bytes) Veronic'a family at our house 1998.jpg (35431 bytes) 

Veronica's dad and mother going for a ride.jpg (53996 bytes) Veronica's graduation  May 98.jpg (30505 bytes) Veronica money for graduation.jpg (20572 bytes) Veronica ready to go home without us.jpg (18326 bytes) Veronica and rat.jpg (25605 bytes) 

Norway speed bump.jpg (26739 bytes) Norway Aug 2000 Veronica's Family.jpg (26675 bytes) 

1998-99             Megumi Inatomi from Kurume,  Japan

Meg in our backyard.jpg (33732 bytes) Meg Leroy and Charlene  Badlands SD.jpg (60450 bytes) Meg coloring easter eggs.jpg (30811 bytes) Meg ready for the prom.jpg (22053 bytes)  

Meg learning to drive.jpg (30763 bytes) Meg and Charlene's hat.jpg (34586 bytes) Meg and her sister in the Badlands.jpg (38076 bytes) Meg and friend at Wall Drug.jpg (35455 bytes) Meg and sister at Wind Cave.jpg (41815 bytes) 



1999-00              Monica Poletti from Olcio, Italy

MonicaBlackDress.jpg (63974 bytes)MonicaAndTodd.jpg (44990 bytes)MonicaRedHairLeroy.jpg (61365 bytes)MonicaSeniorParty.jpg (80536 bytes)MonicaGradFriends.jpg (50747 bytes) Monica before coming to SD.jpg (95250 bytes) Monica's mother and father.jpg (86453 bytes) monica likes snakes.jpg (51562 bytes) 

1997 - 1998  Akino from Japan  stayed with Bob & Julie Jeffries

Akino  and Black Hills Gold necklace.jpg (20827 bytes) Akino party before going home.jpg (19286 bytes) Akino playing the piano.jpg (24338 bytes) 


2001-2002 Ingrid Baeni from Zurich Switzerland

Ingrid and teddy bear.jpg (18427 bytes) 2002_0127_122815AA.JPG (447329 bytes) 2002_0128_092435AA.JPG (319435 bytes) 2002_0128_090806AA.JPG (325932 bytes)